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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Watery Tomb

As an apparition, she rose from within the watery tomb. Alabaster features that peered out in the darkness, eyes the color of the moonlight reflected in her gaze. 
"Who hath dared awæcnan me from my slumber?" The ancient creature asked.


Skin: [PS] Hera: Nude in Creme

Featuring items from The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Dress: Wimey Little Red's Dress - Rare w. Hud
Cloak: Peqe: Erynil Rogue - Ultrarare w .Hud
Headdress: =Zenith=Breeze Painted Fungus & Flower (chain) - RARE & =Zenith=Peony Flowers Tribal Wreath  - RARE
Veil: .a. dangara - bra & veil garnet
Bracers: .aisling. shynila bracers black
Tattoo: +Fallen Gods Inc.+ ARALIA tattoo, Gold Filigree 1

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Lady of the Lake

The elven maiden rose from the clear waters, as the gwagged annwn spiraled through time and space she found herself in a land unknown. From within the mist as if risen from  a dream, the lady of the lake, with a great sword in hand came unto the world. Her diaphanous gaze would search towards the heavens. Ever searching for the one to bestow her gift upon. The gift of the sword that sung of power untold.


[PS] ::Hera:: Ambrosia (REG Pink Nip Blonde Brow)
Exclusive of the the Discount roulette machine

Headress:.aisling. Dame des Fleurs Headdress [ULTRA RARE]

=Zenith=High Elf Lace Collar GG

Dress by Junbug:
*{JB}* Freesia [Sky ULTRA RARE] M

.Olive. the Ivy Hair - Tea Stained @ FGC

Feet Chains:
.storybook. - Tartarus Chains - Sloth

Special mention: 
I do have to thank Valor for his help, and for allowing me to use his land and this pose for this picture. Thanks so much. Please visit his blog and follow him as well.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Unto the Unknown

     Pass the cemetery gates and pass the wooden doors. She found fire that burned ablaze within. "Am I dead?" 

    The young woman asked the male at the threshold to the unknown. Her face then contorted with pain. A scream ripped through her throat. Horns had grown out of black raven hair, roses and obsidian among the horns. 

    "Indeed!" The male would answer from beyond. 


Skin: [PS] ::Hera:: Nude in (B) Cream 

Horns: [Muse] Moors Guardian - Black Hearts

Dress: JLZ Fashion - Sparkle Corset - GG

Jewelry: Aisling Lady of highgarden Rare Necklace and commons in black

Hair: Little Bones - Feline - GG - Fee to Join